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    The minister of Commerce, Trade & Industry Hon. Emmanuel Chenda delivered a speech on Commissioning Ceremony of ZCCZ General Service Building

    Source: CNMC ZCCZ
    Date: 2017-12-11


    The Copperbelt Minister, Hon. Mwenyo Musenge, MP

    The Acting Chinese Ambassador lo Zambia, Mr. liu Zhengjie

    Senior Government Officials,

    The President of the China Non- Ferrous Metals Corporation (CNMC),

    Mr. Luo Tao

    The Chief Executive Officer, Zambia China Trade Cooperation Zone {ZCCZ}, Mr. Baosen Zan

    Chief Executive Offices and Representatives Business Enterprises,

    Managemenl and Staff of ZCCZ

    Distinguished Invited Business guests

    Members of the Press

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    It is my honor and privilege to be invited to officiate at the official opening of the General Service Building of the Zambia-China Trade and Cooperation Zone in the Chambishi Multi-Facility Economic Zone (MFEZ).

    Distinguished Invited Guests,

    As you may be aware, China is the third biggest investor in Zambia and has set up more than Two Hundred and Eighty business enterprises mainly in mining, manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure development and resource extraction. Some of the major projects by the Chinese companies include the Chambishi Multi-Facility Economic Zone (MFEZ), being developed by China Non-Ferrous Metal Mining Corporation Limited (CNMC) with the support of both the Chinese and Zambian governments.

    I am proud to mention that the Chambishi MFEZ is the first zone being built in Africa under the framework of the forum for China-Africa cooperation (FOCAC). This project has an investment threshold of more than $900 million United States Dollars and will generate about 7,000 local employment opportunities and up to $300 million United States Dollars local procurement contracts.

    I am reliably informed that this far; ZCCZ has invested over One Hundred and Forty Million United States Dollars (US$14Omillion) in infrastructure and production service facilities and is currently housing Twenty One Zone enterprises with a nominal investment of near 13 blllion United States dollars.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Allow me to explain that the MFEZ concept is designed to make Zambia a centre of excellence in economic development through increased activity in the trade and manufacturing sectors of the economy, which have numerous positive spill-over effects in other sectors and is in line with the diversification of the economy away from the traditional extractive sectors that ore vulnerable to global dynamics.

    The multi facility economic zones are, therefore, special industrial zones for both export and domestic oriented industries. The zones normally have the entire necessary infrastructure in place in order to attract and facilitate establishment of world-class enterprises in the zone. The blending of physical infrastructure, such as this one, with efficient and effective administrative infrastructure creates the ideal investment environment for attracting major investors into the country thereby catalysing industrial and economic growth.

    ln this regard, I would like to congratulate China Non Ferrous Metal Mining Group for this great achievement.

    Distinguished Invited Guests,

    You may wish to note that the investment by CNMC into the development of the Chambishi and the Lusaka East Multi Facility Economic Zones is a clear demonstration of the Chinese Government's commitment to faster and strengthen the bilateral ties that exist between the two countries.

    The completion of construction of the General Service building here in Chambishi MFEZ is of significant importance in the development of FEZs in Zambia and especially in strengthening the Sino-Zambia relations. Commissioning of the general service building is timely as it is happening when His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zambia Mr. Michael C. Sata just concluded his first official visit to the People's Republic of China, during which he also toured the Shenzhen Special Economic Development Zones and encouraged all stakeholder to actively get involved and hasten the development of MFEZs in Zambia.

    Distinguished invited guests,

    May I take this opportunity to inform you that on 11st April, 2013 the Zambia-China Economic and Trade Forum was officially held in Beijing with support from both the Zambian Government and the Chinese Government through the CNMC. Officials and entrepreneurs from Zambia and China gathered in Beijing to peruse a common economic development agenda aimed of promoting investments in Zambia, particularly the in Chambishi MFEZ. During the Forum, His Excellency, President Michael Sata who graced the occasion delivered a passionate speech and highly commended the contributions that Chinese people have continued to make in the economic and social progression of Zambia. The President especially pointed out the significance of CNMC and ZCCZ the transformation of industries within in the Zambian economy.

    I am glad lo inform you that during the business forum in Beijing, ZCCZ and twelve (12) enterprises signed strategic cooperation agreements with the total investment of 110 million United States dollars in sectors such as Engineering, Construction, Logistics, Agribusiness and lCT, among others.

    Distinguished invited guests,

    These entrepreneurs are targeting adding value to Zambia's numerous natural resources and agricultural raw materials most of which are exported in raw form without value addition due to low investment in the manufacturing sector. lt is for this reason the Potriot Front Government has embarked on the promotion of value addition to our natural resources for wealth and job creation through processing in MFEZs and Industrial Clusters. Such a mechanism will lead to sustainable economic growth, increased employment opportunities and improved investor confidence. Ultimately, Zambia will stand to benefit through skills and technological transfer, increased government revenue and increased joint venture partnerships.

    Distinguished invited guests,

    The Patriot Front government is cognizant of the fact that the manufacturing sector has not fully developed and hos inadequate capacity to add value to our raw materials. ln ihis regard, we have continued to implement investment and economic policies aimed of specifically establishing an enabling investment climate in order to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) as well as stimulate local investments.

    We have also provided attractive incentive packages to all those investors who wish to invest in our priority sectors which include:

    . agriculture and agro-processing;

    mining and mineral processing;



    tourism; and

    information communication technology -ICT.

    In view of the good investment policies, last year. Zambia recorded investment pledges of 10.1 billion United States dollars in all sectors which is expected to be actualised over the next few years as projects are being implemented

    Owing to her strategic location, good governance and investment policies. Zambia presents incomparable investment climate in the region thereby making the country o new frontier for profits and investments not only in Africa but the world-over. This coupled with preferential market access through the COMESA, SADC, EAC tripartite window which has a combined population of over 600 million people with a combined GDP of 1.3 trillion United States Dollars present huge markets for Zambia' s produce. Other quarter free markets include China, European Union Everything but Arms, America under the AGOA framework, lndia and Japan, among others.

    Our country's economic performance remained robust in 2012, with GDP growth rising to 7.37%, from 6.8% recorded in 2011. This growth was supported by the manufacturing, agriculture and services sectors, while mining and tourism continue to perform beyond our expectations. We are on track to sustain this growth of between 7 .7% and 7 .9% f or 2013 and 2014 respectively.

    Distinguished Invited Guests

    It is for this reason that I urge local manufacturers to toke up the challenge to invest in multi facility economic zones and double their efforts towards value addition and export finished goods in collaboration with promoters of the Chambishi -MFEZ, Lusaka East MFEZ, Lusaka South MFEZ, Lumwana MFEZ and industrial parks such as the sub-Saharan gemstones exchange in Ndola and the Roma Industrial park in Lusaka. This will result in much needed employment and wealth creation and enhance value chains not only in Zambia but also in the region and the entire world.

    Distinguished invited guests

    Let me reiterate government's commitment to deliver on its promise of reducing poverty levels among lhe Zambian people and transforming this Country into a prosperous middle income nation by the year 2030.

    To achieve this commitment we have re-aligned the Sixth National Development Plan to the Patriot Front manifesto. This is aimed at creating a conducive investment environment and putting in place a national development agenda premised on re-focusing Zambia onto the path of sustainable social economic development. The focus is on the promotion value addition to the raw materials, wealth and employment creation through manufacturing as one of the conduits.

    ladies and gentlemen

    Before I conclude, allow me to extend on invitation to both Foreign and Local Investors to Zambia International Investment Forum to be hosted in Livingstone, Zambia from 2lst to 22"a August 2013. The Investment Forum provides on excellent platform for showcasing investment portfolios and networking among business executives. The Forum will run concurrent with United Notion World Tourism Organisation General Assembly to be co-hosted by Zambia and Zimbabwe from 23rd to 30th August, 2013.

    In conclusion, I wish to take this opportunity to again urge local manufacturers, domestic and foreign investors to take advantage of the abundant trade and investment opportunities and incentives being offered in the MFEZS in order to achieve greater economic heights.

    In the same vein, I wish to encourage joint ventures, partnerships and mergers between local and foreign investors including Small and Medium Enterprises in broadening the manufacturing base within MFEZs. These joint ventures should hail from goods manufactured in the Zone being available to the locals to trade in. The Zone should not be used as a trading hub for imported products by any foreign investors as this will defeat the whole purpose of setting up the MFEZ.

    Lastly, allow me to thank CNMC and ZCCZ Management, and the Copperbelt Province administration for arranging and coordinating this memoraoble event.

    With these remarks, it is now my singular honor and privilege to declare the ZCCZ General Service Building in the Chambishi MFEZ officially open.

    I thank you for your attention and God bless you all.