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    China Nonferrous Engineering Contracting Group and started to lay a broad reputation in China and neighboring countries, West Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, central and southern Africa, the construction of a large number of successful projects around the smelting operations, mining, electricity, roads, housing construction, Electrical installation, petrochemical, municipal and other fields, to cultivate the "NFC" (in the color of shares) and "15MCC" (China Metallurgical 15) the two major brands. Among them, the color of shares in selected United States for many years, "Engineering News Record" (ENR) named the "Global 225's largest international engineering contractor,"And among the "200 global design firms"; China Metallurgical 15 in 30 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions), more than 100 counties, cities, and built more than 400 various kinds of large and medium-sized projects, many times awarded the Luban Prize, the National Silver high-quality project to create a new record number of Chinese enterprises. At present, the China Nonferrous Group's shares in the color of the general contractor, China Metallurgical Construction 15, Shenyang Institute of Design and China R & D Ruilin, Xin Cheng Commissioner's supervision, Shenyang Metallurgical Machinery and equipment manufacturing company's business advantage representatives, formed a powerful integrated one-stop service system for engineering contracts in the international engineering contracting market, especially the project contracting market in Asia with a certain degree of visibility and influence, both inside and outside access to a wide range of knowledge and trust, with the construction engineering operations unique advantages and characteristics.


    Sin Quyen Copper Mine, Vietnam

    Aluminum Plant in Kazakhstan


    Fayabu Iron Alloy Plant, Iran

    Jajarm Alumina Plant, Iran


    Khatoon Abad Copper Smelter,Iran

    Arac Aluminum Plant,Iran

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