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    Chairman's Address

    Since its establishment in 1983, CNMC has gradually grown into an important force to push forward the reform and development of the nonferrous metal industry thanks to the concerted efforts of generations of management team and all staff. In the process of international cooperation, CNMC has accumulated rich experience in resources development, engineering project contracting, international trade and related services, cultivated a professional team and formulated several valuable qualities. It has become one of the earliest and most successful enterprises in China's nonferrous metal industry implementing ¡°going out¡± strategy. Relying on the development of its domestic and foreign businesses, CNMC ranked in the thirty-ninth position among the ¡°China's 100 major multinational corporations¡± in 2017 and in the fortieth place among the ¡°China¡¯s 500 manufacturers ", which shows good potential for growth and development.

    Despite complex international political and economic situations, CNMC has achieved positive results by carrying out reform and development and taking pragmatic and innovative approach in the recent years. This year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up of China, and the 35th anniversary of CNMC¡¯s establishment and implementation of ¡°going out¡± strategy. As a central SOE committed to building itself into a world class mining group, CNMC will continue to deepen reform and development in the new era when China is building the socialism with Chinese characteristics

    With the kind care from the State Council, guidance from State Owned Enterprise Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of China, and support from relevant ministries, associations and all sectors, CNMC will follow the national policy of opening wider to the outside world, ¡°Belt and Road¡± initiative, the strategic deployment of international production capacity cooperation and requirements for the development of SOEs by assuming our mission and focusing on core businesses so as to achieve the corporate strategy of ¡°resource development, business globalization and high-end growth¡±. Meanwhile, CNMC will raise profitability of good-quality projects, optimize the allocation of internal resources, encourage and support the qualified and potential subsidiaries to extend to the high end of the value chain, consolidate the first-mover advantage of "going out", and make CNMC bigger and stronger, and unswervingly build CNMC into a world - class enterprise with global competitiveness.

    CNME will embrace the new era with a new look and write a new chapter in the new journey. Guided by Xi Jinping¡¯s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, and the second and third plenary sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, all the staff of CNMC will work harder in a more pragmatic manner with more resolve and persistence to build CNMC into the world-class mining group under the leadership of the CPC with Xi Jinping as the general secretary. We will also uphold the concept of innovation, coordination, green development, sharing and openness, to achieve common prosperity, development and growth with all parties concerned, and to demonstrate the political, economic and social responsibilities as a central SOE.