Myanmar Delegation visits CNMC

Source:CNMC        Date:2019-07-16

Delegation composed of officials from Myanmar government and entrepreneurs of Myanmar visited CNMC lately, and the two sides exchanged in-depth views on topics of common concern.

The Director of the Board of CNMC Mr. Dong Changqing expressed appreciation for the support of Myanmar government to CNMC. He said that the traditional friendship between the two countries has a long history. With the advancement of infrastructure projects such as the Trans-Asian Railway and the Asian Highway, China-Myanmar cooperation will have a broader prospect. CNMC highly values investment and development in Myanmar. The Tagaung Taung nickel mine invested by CNMC is the largest cooperation project in mining industry between China and Myanmar, owns the world class technology, meets the environmental protection requirements, and is always strictly abided by local laws and regulations. Besides, it actively lives up its social responsibility, and pays attention to the in-depth integration with local community, thus gained support from local people and Myanmar government. CNMC will continue to expand and deepen cooperation with Myanmar, achieve win-win cooperation, make new contribution to the economic and social development of local community, and deepen the traditional friendship between China and Myanmar.

The head of the delegation mentioned that CNMC is an international large-scale enterprise with leading technology and management expertise. The Tagaung Taung nickel mine has provided many jobs, fulfilled its social responsibilities, and made positive contributions to the local economic and social development. He hoped that the two sides would further establish a communication mechanism to promote in-depth cooperation in terms of vocational education and environmental protection, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


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