CNMC Makes a Show at the First China-Africa Economic & Trade Expo

Source:CNMC        Date:2019-07-16


On June 27th 2019, the first China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo (CAETE) was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. President Xi Jinping sent his message of congratulation to CAETE, and Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council of China Hu Chunhua attended the opening ceremony. Chairman Wang Tongzhou and Vice-president Yan Diyong CNMC participated in the first CAETE.

Before the opening ceremony, Vice Premier Hu Chunhua, accompanied by Director of SASAC Hao Peng, Secretary of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee Du Jiahao and Vice Minister of Commerce of China Qian Keming, visited CNMC’s stand and listened to the brief on the CNMC’s development in Africa by Chairman Wang Tongzhou. After entering Africa for 21 years, CNMC has invested more than US$3 billion in Central South Africa including Zambia and DRC. So far, CNMC owns more than 20 subsidiaries, runs five copper mines, six copper smelters, one national-level overseas economic and trade cooperation zone in Africa, and has two large-scale projects integrating mining, concentrating and smelting under construction. As one of the 12 central SOEs participating CAETE, CNMC demonstrated to the audience the determination and achievement of cooperating with Africa through various forms including exhibition, videos, physical objects, models, and negotiation zones. Vice Premier Hu Chunhua fully affirmed the investment and development achievements of CNMC in Africa, and encouraged CNMC to continue to make greater contributions to the closer China-Africa economic and trade Partnership.

After listening to the message of congratulation from President Xi Jinping conveyed by Premier Hu Chunhua at the opening ceremony, Chairman Wang Tongzhou pointed out that the first CAETE is an important measure to implement the spirit of the Beijing Summit of the FOCAC and to implement President Xi Jinping's idea of building a community of shared future for China and Africa. President Xi Jinping’s message has pointed out the direction and given impetus for CNMC to invest and develop in Africa. As a SOE, CNMC will firmly implement President Xi Jinping’s instruction to further implement the eight major initiatives, deepen practical cooperation, explore new paths for cooperation, seek for new growth points for cooperation, pushSino-African economic and trade cooperation to a new level, and fulfill the responsibility as a SOE.

During the EXPO, the Dialogue of China-Africa Infrastructure and Financing Cooperation has drawn many attentions. In the Dialogue, Chairman Wang Tongzhou shared experiences and ideas in conducting international operation and participating in the infrastructure construction in Africa. He said that in 2009, when President Xi Jinping visited CNMC, he hoped that CNMC could seize opportunities, and promote the fulfillment of “go global” strategy. Therefore, CNMC gives priority to the development of the international business, gives prominence to the main business and puts focus on the industry development. After years of efforts on management evaluating, technological innovation, and talents building, CNMC has enhanced its capability in infrastructure construction and international operation. He emphasized that CNMC upholds the principle of achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration proposed by President Xi Jinping, and makes efforts to achieve win-win cooperation with African counterparts in conducting in infrastructure construction. At the end, Chairman Wang Tongzhou shared four points of views: to blaze new trails in the mode of cooperation and carry out international cooperation according to local conditions, to adapt the enterprise to the stage of industrialization of the host country, to keep continued attention on projects relating to people's livelihood, and to enhance enterprise's capability in an All-round Way

During CAETE, CNMC controlled NFC, CNIT, ZCCZ, and LCM has signed cooperation agreements with their counterparts in Africa with total amount exceeding 1.3 billion USD. CNMC also attended Seminar on the Development of China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, Seminar on China-Africa Bilateral Trade Promotion, Investment Promotion Conference for African Countries, Dialogue on Investment in Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia and Mozambique, China-Africa B2B Conference, and 2019 China-Africa Private Sector Cooperation Forum.

ZCCZ was one of the cases at the China-Africa Cooperation Achievements Exhibition. ZCCZ, unveiled by then state leaders of China and Zambia, is the first overseas cooperation zone China has established in Africa, demonstrating President Xi Jinping’s idea of Building Relations with Africa Based on Sincerity, Real Results, Friendship, and Good Faith. So far, the zone has accumulatively attracted 200 million USD in infrastructure and affiliated facility construction, introduced 65 zone enterprises operating in the zone with total investment amounting to over 2 billion USD, and achieved sales revenue over 1.57 million USD, paid 560 million USD, and created nearly 9000 direct job positions to local community.


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