Chairman Wang Tongzhou visited Ambassador of Myanmar to China U Thit Linn Ohn

Source:CNMC        Date:2019-04-11

On 22 March 2019, Chairman Wang Tongzhou visited Ambassador of Myanmar to China U Thit Linn Ohn. The two parties exchanged in-depth views on topics of common concern.

Chairman Wang Tongzhou expressed thanks to the Ambassador and the Embassy for their support and assistance to CNMC. He emphasized that China and Myanmar are linked by mountains and rivers, and the brotherhood between the two countries has a long history. In recent years, the proposal of “Belt and Road” initiative, and “To create a community with a shared future for mankind “ by President Xi Jinping has been highly recognized by the governments and people of the two countries. In December 2017, President Xi Jinping and the State Councilor of Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi reached an important consensus on building “China-Myanmar Economic Corridor” under the framework of "Belt and Road". With the Trans-Asian Railway and the Asian Highway projects continue making progress, the cooperation between China and Myanmar will have a broader prospect. CNMC attaches great importance to the investment and development in Myanmar. The Tagaung Taung Nickel Project in Myanmar is the largest cooperation in mining industry between China and Myanmar. The project has adopted world-class technology, strictly abided by local laws and regulations, and met the environmental protection high standards from construction to production. CNMC actively fulfills its social responsibilities, and pays attention to in-depth integration with local communities, and has gained cares and great support from Myanmar government, people and Ambassador of Myanmar to China. CNMC will implement the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries, with the support from the Ambassador and Embassy of Myanmar to China, continue to increase investment in Myanmar, expand and deepen cooperation with the two countries, achieve win-win senario, and make new contribution to the economic and social development of local community and the deepening of the friendship between China and Myanmar.

The Ambassador warmly welcomed the visit of Chairman Wang Tongzhou. He said that the Myanmar government would continue to support the investment and development of CNMC in Myanmar. In recent years, there has been frequent high-level interaction between China and Myanmar, especially the "Belt and Road" initiative and the construction of “China-Myanmar Economic Corridor”, which will bring greater benefits to the two peoples. CNMC is a large-scale international group with world-class technology. The Tagaung Taung Nickel Project invested and operated by CNMC has brought economic benefits, provided lots of jobs, and improved social welfare of the local communities, which has greatly improved the livelihood of local people. It is hoped that the two sides will further improve communication mechanism, continue to deepen integration with local community and carry out in-depth and pragmatic cooperation in a wider range. The Myanmar Government believes that, as a central enterprise with rich experience in international cooperation, CNMC has the ability to level up China-Myanmar economic and trade cooperation and achieve our common goal of win-win scenario.

The Business Counselor of the Embassy Thanda Khine and Vice-president of CNMC Yan Diyong also attended the meeting.


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