The Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of China Zhang Dejiang visits ZCCZ

Source:CNMC        Date:2016-03-23

On 21 March 2016 Mr. Zhang Dejiang, the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China, who is on his official visit to Zambia and attending the 134th IPU Assembly and related meetings visited ZCCZ Lusaka MFEZ with the accompany of the Vice President of Zambia Mrs. Inonge Wina. CNMC President Mr. Zhang Keli and Vice President based in Zambia received the visit.

Zhang Dejiang was firstly briefed on the latest development of CNMC and ZCCZ. Zhang Keli introduced that CNMC has been devoted itself to increasing and enhancing investment and cooperation in Zambia, which including the promotion and development of ZCCZ. By the end of 2015, CNMC has invested in Zambia for over USD 2.6 billion, paid USD 360 million taxes, made donation exceeding USD 20 million, and provided 15000 jobs in which ZCCZ provided 8500. 90% of employees are Zambians. So far, ZCCZ has invested USD 187 million in infrastructure construction and had 55 zone enterprises and tenants whom has brought USD 1.57 billion of investment and created USD 11.045 billion of sales revenue. CNMC is now the biggest Chinese investor in Zambia, and ZCCZ is the overseas economic cooperation zone with the fastest and best development condition, most professional management and most beautiful environment. CNMC will cope with the “new normal” situation, and continue carrying out “go global” strategy, keep promoting investment in central southern Africa and development of ZCCZ with support from Chinese and Zambian government and build it into another mile-stone project after TAZARA which connects “China Dream” and “Africa Dream” together.

Zhang Dejiang was pleased to see and sang high praise to CNMC’s achievements in Zambia. He emphasized that President Xi Jinping has proposed “10 cooperation plans between China and Africa” when he was attending BRICS Johannesburg Summit last year. He also mentioned that China and African countries like Zambia should increase communication on development of economic zones. China has achieved great success during the past 30 years after opening up. One of the most successful experiences is to attract investment and improve technical level and capability of Chinese enterprises through the development of economic zones. The cooperation between China and Zambia should be further enhanced in which the most important task is building economic zones. So far, thanks to the support form Zambian government and people, ZCCZ develops well and has generated lots of taxes, jobs and provided other services to local community such as Sino-Zam Friendship Hospital. He appreciated CNMC for its constant effort and contribution to the implementing of “go global” strategy and strengthening of friendship between China and Zambia. He ensured that Chinese government will keep supporting CNMC and other Chinese enterprises to invest in Zambia. He was also glad to see that CNMC is planning to establish a training school in Zambia for youngsters to get trained so that they could work in zone enterprises, or even go to China for further education in the future. He hoped that Zambian government, especially Mrs. Wina, the Vice President of Zambia could keep paying attention on ZCCZ, and help facilitate problem may occur in future. As a member of vital new force of exploring overseas, CNMC is a reputable and excellent state-owned enterprise from China. It is also valuable that in the recessed market and with copper price kept in depression CNMC kept it’s mines and smelters working in Zambia, which is a great support to Zambian economy.

Mrs. Wina welcomed Mr. Zhang Dejiang with great hospitality. “China has been a good friend to Zambia for a long time” She said. CNMC and its subsidiaries in Zambia, especially ZCCZ has provided many jobs to Zambian people, and paid plenty of taxes to Zambian government, which is really an outstanding contribution to Zambia. Zambian government will always create a good atmosphere for investment, and support CNMC and its affiliates and ZCCZ.

With the accompany of Zhang Keli and Tao Xinghu, Zhang Dejiang and Mrs. Wina visited ZCCZ Lusaka MFEZ and some zone enterprises with great interests and inquired about the operation of NFC, CLM, CCS and Sino-Metals.


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