CNMC President Zhang Keli Visits Iran Accompanying Chinese Special Envoy Zhang Yi

Source:CNMC        Date:2015-09-29

CNMC President Zhang Keli accompanied Mr. Zhang Yi, special envoy of Chinese government and the Director of SASAC, for a 5-day visit in Iran from September 19th to 23rd.

On September 22nd, Mr. Zhang Yi met Mr. Ali Tayyebnia, Iranian minister of economy and finance. Mr. Tayyebnia regarded China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative as a golden opportunity to enhance the Sino-Iranian economic and trade relationship comprehensively. In the critical period of industrialization and infrastructure expansion, Iran keeps seeking new areas of international cooperation such as on production capacity in a win-win manner. Mr. Zhang Yi expressed that China is willing to bring Sino-Iranian cooperation to a higher level by developing new fields and models. 

At the meeting hosted by Chinese ambassador to Iran for Chinese enterprises in Iran, Mr. Zhang Keli delivered a speech themed with Suggestions On Development In Iran on behalf of Chinese metallurgical and mining companies. Mr. Zhang Yi fully recognized NFC’s achievements and future plans in Iran, and gave considerable attention to the suggestions.

On September 23rd, Mr. Zhang Keli led NFC delegation to attend the meeting of Sino-Iranian cooperation on economy and trade co-hosted by Iranian first deputy minister of finance and Mr. Zhang Yi. Representatives of enterprises and financial institutions took this opportunity to exchange ideas in depth. Mr. Zhang Keli received interviews from CCTV and Phoenix TV at the venue.


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