President Lungu Visits NFC Africa Mining Plc.

Source:CNMC        Date:2015-11-05

On November 2, 2015 Zambian President Edgar Lungu visited NFC Africa Mining Plc. The provincial Minister of Copper Belt, Minister of Mining, Energy and Water, Minister of Labor, Minister of Information and the Ambassador of China to Zambia accompanied President Lungu on his visit. The Vice-president of CNMC Mr. Tao Xinghu, President of NFC Africa Plc. Wang Chunlai received President Lungu with great hospitality.

President Lungu was firstly briefed on the operation of NFC and the construction of South East Ore Body. He spoke highly of NFC’s contribution to the local community and its fulfillment of social welfare program. He said that Zambian government will work on solving the difficulties NFC facing with, and hoped that NFC could do more in transforming techniques to Zambian employees.

At the construction site of the South East Ore Body, President Lungu pointed out that capital and labor force is both essential to the development of business. Facing with the complicated economic situation, the two should work together to cope with the difficulties, and realize win-win scenario. President Lungu also assured that Zambian government will always support CNMC’s investment and development in Zambia, and protect the interests of investors and its employees.


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