CNMC Releases Its 2012 Social Responsibility Report

Source:CNMC        Date:2013-05-29

On May 26th 2013, Corporate Social Responsibility Report Seminar was held in the Great Hall of People in Beijing in which CNMC released its 2012 social responsibility report. It is the second time that CNMC has issued its social responsibility report.

In the report, CNMC established the linkage among social responsibility and its international operation pattern, innovative development, reliable product quality, strict environmental protection, thoughtful caring for employees as well as active involvement in local community. It showed that how does CNMC develop its three main businesses: mineral resources development, engineering construction, and trade in a cooperative way. In addition, the report also disclosed more core indexes and added a contrasting section between 2012 indexes and 2013 indexes which demonstrated the continuity, comparability and balance of the social responsibility report.

The completion of this report has gone through five stages including preparation, start-up, data collection, topic search, compiling and evaluating. Starting from January 2013 and finishing in May this year, it has taken the company five months to set up a working team to 14 subsidiaries for investigation, write and compile. Taking this report as an opportunity, CNMC will further enhance the working mechanism with all employee engaged and effective measures which would guarantee the fulfillment of company’s strategy.

Assistant to President of CNMC Mr. Liangboyi and other officials related attended the seminar.


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